Capacity: 5L
Fast and durable action liquid, capable of preventing the formation and development of algae in the pool for longer.
Prevents the formation of algae in pools. A powerful bactericide, algicide, and fungicide.


A concentrated product that prevents the formation of algae as a result of chemicals, garden fertilizers, and other contaminating agents. It removes the phosphates on which algae feed, thus inhibiting their growth. Suitable for use in all types of pools, filters, and disinfection treatment systems.

Safe, rapid-acting Algaecide is widely used as a combination sanitizer- disinfectant for swimming pools.
Excellent to kill :
• Green Algae• Black Algae• Square D Algae• Blue Green Algae• Algae slime• Bacteria• Germs

  • Non-metallic, non-foaming, low-odor polymer-based algaecide
  • Kills all types of algae, including pink algae
  • Not affected by pH
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Made in

Spain, China


5 L