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Dimensions: 50cm * 30cm
Professional Heavy Duty Deep-Bag Pool Rake, Blue & White.


POOL LEAF RAKE: Strong and durable frame with rounded borders and mesh net bag. Long-lasting accessory for the easiest pool maintenance.
MULTIFUNCTION: Pool leaf cleaner with deep fine-mesh bag handles both big clean-ups and small debris like leaves with just few passes.
STURDY DESIGN: Universal holder fits any telescopic pole to extend your reach and pick leaves from the bottom of pool (pole not included).
SAFE TO USE: Efficient in scooping up debris with rounded borders that guarantee the frame will not damage your swimming pool finish.
EASY TO HANDLE: Keep your pool clean with minimal effort. The fastest way to clean your pool, suitable for above and inground pools

Super-strong structural molded frame
Heavy-duty, high-quality leaf rake
Comes with a deep bag for big clean-ups
Ideal for skimming leaves, insects as well as other trash from surface of water
Keeps your pool thoroughly clean

Wide-Mouth Design: Features a 16″*20″ frame and a 14″ deep net that can hold large amounts of leaves and debris. Strong Frame: Constructed with a heavy-duty frame, this pool skimmer net is built to last and will not break or become brittle. Lightweight: Humanized design, it is lightweight and convenient for light leaf skimming, easy to move through water. Effective: Fine mesh netting provides superior skimming that even small debris particles are caught in the net. Easy to Use: It can be attached to standard aluminum pool poles, making your pool maintenance routine even more convenient…

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50cm * 30cm


White, Blue