Capacity: 5KG

Fast-acting product, ideal for the first treatment of water and recover damaged or cloudy waters.
DISINFECTANTS: Dichloride granules with 63% free available granulated chlorine.


Chlorine is The most common sanitizer used for swimming pools. Under normal circumstances, a free chlorine level of 1-3ppm is advised. To let this level drop to zero may result in algae forming, which at first may be unnoticeable to the eye.
The rapid dissolving Chlorine Granules are an essential sanitizer for Pools, Spas, Jacuzzi and hot tubs and an easy way to maintain clean healthy water.

  • Features:
    Ideal for daily dosing of your swimming pool or spa
    Stabilised chlorine granules disinfect spa water
    Rapid dissolving granules are simple to apply
    Can be directly applied to hot tubs exceeding 20°C
    Eliminates bacteria and harmful organisms
    Rapid dissolving, minimal impact on pH
    Ideal for Lay-Z-Spas, hot tubs, and pools

Dichloro has a pH level of around 6.5 (close to neutral) with around 63% free active chlorine. Dichlor has a high level of cyanuric acid, commonly known as a stabilizer. If your pool tends to have lower cyanuric acid levels, Dichlor could be a way to fix that while also adding chlorine.

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5 KG