Waterproof Mobile Phone Case Universal for all Smartphones (WHITE).
TPU+ABS 195*105mm


Waterproof storage bag. The perfect Waterproof / Dustproof / Waterproof cover/pocket protection for your phone, ID card, Credit Card, Bank Cards, and Keys.

The cover is waterproof, up to a depth of 10 meters. Your phone or camera is easy to read thanks to the transparent plastic material the pouch is made of. Take pictures without worrying about water damage.

Premium Firm ABS mount, Environmentally friendly PFC non-toxic, a special air compartment keeps the phone afloat when dropped in water. The cover can also be found in the dark, thanks to special glow-in-the-dark accents.

Resistant to hot and cold temperatures. Protected against pressure variations and waterproof to depths of 30 meters. Super strong seal, which ensures a watertight seal and is also easy to open.

High-quality product: Each part is tested before shipment. Item is in Stock.

1. Material: TPU+ABS. Size: 105*200mm. Weight: 56g.
2. Capacitance screen mobile phones can not operate underwater pressure, so before underwater photographing and video shooting, transfer settings to shortcut keys use.
3. Before each use, the waterproof bag must be carefully inspected and tested. When it is used, avoid violent impacts, and scratches from sharp objects, check clips closed in place, no foreign objects caught in the sealing. Waterproof depth is 20 meters. Water leakage tests must be performed before each use.

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