Emaux SC series commercial pump for the medium size residential pool.


Product Features:

1. 1.5 inch suction and discharge ports
2. Asynchronous, two-pole motor
3. Class insulation: 130(B)
4. IPX5 Waterproof standard
5. Built-in thermal protection
6. Overload protection
7. External heat sink
8. Available in 50Hz or 60Hz for 220V/110
9. Especially designed unions compatible with both Imperial and Metric standards
10. Self-Priming up to 2m above water level
11. Testing Pressure (50PSI / 3.5Bar)
12. 316 stainless steel shaft
13. 316 stainless steel mechanical seal
14. Basket volume 2.5 liters
15. Low noise level, low

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