Capacity: 10KG

Granulated chlorine of slow dissolution, special for treatments of maintenance and disinfection of pool water.
DISINFECTANTS: Trichloride powder with 90% free available chlorine.


Maintenance chlorine
Ideal for all types of swimming pools: gresite, liner, polyester, painted pools
Granular compound
Slow dissolving for regular and continuous maintenance of pool water.
High concentration stabilized chlorine
Prevents chlorine loss due to the effects of sunlight

Come in at a pH level of around 3 so it will slightly lower your pools pH and total alkalinity after use. Trichlor is also the strongest chlorine on the market, containing around 90% active chlorine along pool stabilizer (cyanuric acid) for protection against the sun.

It is important to distinguish between free chlorine, residual chlorine and total chlorine.

Free chlorine: chlorine with disinfection power. Optimal level 1-3 ppm
Residual chlorine: chlorine without disinfection power. Optimal level of 0.5 – 2 ppm.
Total chlorine: combines free and residual chlorine. Optimum level of 0.5 – 1.5 ppm.
Less than optimum chlorine will cause bacterial and algae growth resulting in unhygienic and unpleasant conditions. Dosages may vary depending on the number of bathers, sunlight, water temperature or weather conditions.


Kills blackspot “blue green” algae
Ideal for pebblecrete, white plaster & tiled pools.
Low pH promotes better perfomance.
Granules can be specifically applied to affected area
Dissolves slowly – able to stay in contact with affected area for longer

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Spain, China


10 KG