About us



Our On-Call Service operates 24 hours a day to ensure two types of services:
-A handyman for emergency repairs
-A repair case that is guaranteed in less than 24 hours

Renovation & Remodeling are considered as projects that start with a consultative approach by our engineers and are followed by a planning & execution phases that are based upon the approval of the client.

Preventive Maintenance could be worked out as a single project focused on a specific area, or a yearly preventive maintenance agreement that might cover different areas of risks. This agreement leads to periodical visits throughout the year with a standardized checklist for inspection and monitoring.

We are a service company and we know what it takes to go the extra mile to satisfy our customers with a neat and honest supply of their requirements. Confident in our capabilities, we strive to maintain consistency, a value that is hardly brought in this era.

Quality is a big word and its horizon is vast. The more we focus on details the larger we grow. When you hear of us anywhere within the territory, you’d know then our vision is partly achieved…
“We benefit from others’ indolence, to do it ourselves!”

• Quality
• Commitment
• Consistency
• Punctuality
• Hygiene and Cleanliness
• Honesty
• Loyalty


Young engineers with different background and expertise have gathered around one objective; to introduce a new concept in supplying properties with different maintenance facilities, with a qualified yet consistent service, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and 365 days a year.

“Maintenance And Technical Engineering Services” was abridged to “MATES”, that reflects more our solid relationship and common objectives. “MATES” was established in 2012 and is located in DBAYEH.