Classic extruded aluminum pool cleaner
1.5” connection 350 mm
2” connection 450 mm


Vacuum heads are made of robust PA / Aluminium materials. These models are designed for heavy-duty use and have a strengthened handle and flexible wheels.

High-quality aluminum alloy materials for durability and long service life.
The roller design is soft and can clean all corners of the swimming pool and has a strong cleaning ability.
The bottom is equipped with a cleaning brush, which is more convenient to use and practical.
The installation method is simple, easy to use, good in suction effect, and wear-resistant.
Wide range of applications, such as swimming pools, water parks, aquariums, etc.

Material: Aluminum Alloy

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L= 35cm , W= 15cm , H= 5cm, L= 45 cm , W= 15 cm , H= 5cm