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Digital measuring instrument for determining the pH value in water.


8.5 Skin / eye irritation
8 Scale formation / reduces chlorine effectiveness
7.0 Plant corrosion especially metals
6.5 Unpleasant smells and bather discomfort

PH Meter Digital Ph Tester 0.01 PH Accuracy Water Quality Tester Kit for Household Drinking Water, Swimming Pools, Hydroponics

Portable Digital PH Meter Tester Aquarium Pool Water Wine Urine LCD Pen Monitor

Material: ABS.
Size: 155*29*16mm.
Measuring range: 0.00-14.00PH
Accuracy: ±0.01PH 20°C
Resolution: 0.01PH
Working temperature: 0~50°C
Battery: 2*1.5V AG13LR44 button battery. (not included)

The pH meter must be recalibrated under the following conditions:
1- Has been used or placed for a long time after calibration;
2- Electrodes are used frequently;
3- Measurement accuracy requirements are relatively high.

Calibration method:
1. Rinse the calibration powder with 250ml distilled water or purified water. The pH electrode was immersed in a mixed phosphate standard buffer solution at pH 4.01 and 6.86 and gently shaken.
2. Press the CAL key for 3 seconds, and 6.86 appears; when the word is flashing, release the hand, the word flashes 3 times and then stops, the calibration is completed; the same analogy is 4.01 and 9.18; until the display value and the standard buffer solution are at ambient temperature The ph value matches.
3. The order of correction is 6.86-4.01-9.18.

How to maintain the pH pen:
If you don’t use it for a long time, you can soak the pH pen electrode in pure water in about half a month and insert it in a disposable cup!

1. Remove the protective cover.
2. Turn on the switch located on the battery compartment.
3. Insert the pH meter into the liquid to be tested until the liquid is immersed in the “immersion line”. If possible, allow the solution to immerse slightly above the “immersion line”.
4. Gently stir the solution and wait for about two minutes. Read the displayed value.
5. Clean the electrode. Turn off the switch. Put on the protective cover.

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