Water Heater Thermostat, High-Quality Material, LCD Display & Indicators, Automatic Modulation, Self-Checking Function, Effortless Installation, Multipurpose Use.


HIGH-QUALITY POOL HEATER– Input Voltage: AC 380V 50/60Hz; Product Size: 14.96 inch/ 57x 12 x 38 cm; Connection size: 38 mm (1.5 ). The swimming pool heater adopts an aluminum-coated housing plate, using stainless steel heating tube for anti-corrosion. It features fast heat exchange efficiency and good anti-rust performance.
INTELLIGENT SELF-CHECKING SYSTEM– Comprehensively monitor the operating status of the system, and quickly make appropriate judgments and displays, thereby avoiding poor water flow, dry fuel and other failures in the absence of water, and more convenient for the user or maintenance personnel to judge and maintain the fault.
MULTIPLE PROTECTIONS– The Pool Heater has multiple protections, safety and reliability – over-current, ultra-high temperature, short circuit to the power supply line, and water flow protection.
SAFE & EASY TO OPERATE– The electric heat pump pool heater is not complicated to operate the whole installation method. The product is easy and quick to control by tripping the power switch automatically with high security.
VERSATILE USAGE PLACE– The swimming pool water heater conducts automatic heating with a stable temperature to create a more comfortable environment. It is specially designed for a hot tub, massage pool, and hot spring to heat and keep warm.

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Intelligent temperature control, stable performance, safe and reliable
Automatic constant temperature can be set according to the required water temperature.
New design, Knob control.
The maximum set temperature is approx. 55° C.
Safe and reliable, mechanical pressure switch.
When the pressure is below the set value, the power supply is automatically switched off.
Do not heat seawater or saltwater.

Water Heater Thermostat
This automatic swimming pool heater features reliable performance. It can be used for a long time for adopting high-quality materials. The sensitive temperature sensor and the self-checking system make the heater machine much intelligent without temperature fluctuation. With this digital pool heater, you will enjoy a comfortable bath during your leisure time.
High-Quality Material
The inner tank of our electric swimming pool heater is 304 stainless steel, which is durable, and the water quality is cleaner. Aluminum-plating zinc plate shell is sturdy and not easy to wear.
LCD Display & Indicators
With the clear LCD and indicators, you are allowed to know the working status of the pool heater. Through the humanized touching screen, you can change the temperature at any time.
Automatic Modulation
This premium pool heater has an intelligent temperature sensor. It always maintains the temperature with the setting value as you need. When the water temperature drops, the heater will turn on the heating.
Self-Checking Function
The digital self-diagnose system would keep the security during your operation. If the machine is in the absence of water, the LCD will display a code. Therefore, you can be prompted to fix the heater in time.
Effortless Installation
According to the manual, you needn’t spend too much time on installation. We suggest using the proper pump (at least 1.1KW) to connect the heater and the pool. Please notice the order of setup.
Multipurpose Use
This digital and smart pool water heater provides consistent heat distribution with high efficiency. It can be applied to multiple scenes such as swimming pools, SPA pools, and bathtubs indoors and outdoors.

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