Capacity: 5 tablets of 200 g.
Optimum floatability, regulable opening for proper dosing, healthy pool. Premium ABS materials.


Chemical Dispensers are made of high-grade ABS plastic. Designed to accommodate standard chlorine
tablets for pools. Adjustable flow rate regulates the dissolving time of the tablets to maintain the correct
level of chlorine in the water.

-Chlorine chemical dispenser of different capacity, chlorine/bromine tablets
-Simple to operate, strong and safe, prevents chlorine tabs from falling out.
-Featuring a classic blue and white color scheme, this useful tablet floater is sure to fit right in the rest of your pool maintenance equipment.
-This pool chlorine dispenser also folds down when not in use for more convenient storage.
-For how much the chlorine tabs will disperse in the water which is nice so the pool doesn’t become overly chlorinated

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