Self-priming IML (made in spain) electric pump for swimming pools.


•Self-priming centrifugal electric pump for swimming pools. Self-priming at 2 m.
• Built-in pre-filter of great capacity (8 liters).
• Pre-filter with transparent lid in polycarbonate which allows easy observation
of the pre-filter basket. The pre-filter is closed with a knob system of easy
• Pump body made in polypropylene reinforced with fiberglass, resistant to the
chemical products in the swimming pool, guaranteed to last a long time.
• Mechanical seal in graphite and ceramics.
• Motor shaft manufactured in stainless steel AISI 316L.
• Motor with IP-55 protection, at 2.850 r.p.m. The tension of mains feed at
230/400V-50Hz three-phase (Ask for 400/690V-50Hz versions).
• Possibility of 60Hz upon request.
• Possibility of IE2 Efficiency Motors upon request.
• Versions of 3HP, 4HP and 5,5HP.
• Suction connection Ø90 mm, return connection Ø75 mm. Both supplied with
bush connections.

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4 HP, 5.5 HP