ACQAUSOURCE White ABS plastic pool light bearing a 300W-12V sealed PAR56 bulb of strong white illumination.


It has a wall niche for concrete or liner structures. Conical-shaped front face of 290 mm overall diameter. It is provided with
a 2,5 meter long cable, a flexible conduit hose, screws or clips that ensure an easy and quick installation and
maintenance. Exceptional chemical resistance and UV protection. The bulb can be changed without removing
the water from the structure.

Material: white ABS plastic.
IP rating: IP68.
Installation: wall niche.
Light color: white.
2,5 m cable HO7RN-F cable size 2×4 mm2.
1 m of flexible conduit hose.
Faceplate thickness: 41 mm
Faceplate diameter: Ø 290 mm.
Underwater installation.
Installation position: wall.
Type of pool: concrete/liner.
UV protection & chemical resistance.
Re-bulbing without lowering the water level.
Side cable outlet.

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