Strong waterproofing under ground
Total consumption: 2.8-3.3 kg/m².


The Winkler Scudo System product is a rubber reinforced waterproofing membrane for sub-surface walls, foundations, and concrete materials. It has exceptional resistance to puncture, excellent durability, and impermeability.

The Scudo System creates a vapour barrier between walls and foundations and demonstrates superior bonding with a variety of substrates (concrete, masonry blocks, bricks, OSB, and wooden panels).

This environmentally friendly waterproofing solution requires no primer or backfill protection, is a one-coat application, and has near-zero VOC content.

At a Glance
Rubber reinforced waterproofing membrane.
Requires no primer.
One-coat application.
Easy to apply.
Highly resistant to puncture.
Size: 20kg.
Colour: Black.
Surface Preparation
Clean the support thoroughly to eliminate dirt, loose material, any form of oil or grease, or any
other bond-breakers to direct substrate. Inner right angles shall be “rounded” prior to material application.

The Scudo System is ready to use and can be applied in one coat with a flat trowel or sprayed by an airless gun.

Apply on dry surfaces only. Backfill after a minimum of 4-7 days.

Total consumption: 2.8-3.3 kg/m².

The product in its undamaged packaging can be stored for 12 months. Please store it at temperatures between +5°C and +35°C. Not frost-proof.

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