A dosing pump is a small, positive displacement pump. It is designed to pump a very precise flow rate of a chemical or substance into either a water, steam, or gas flow.


INTELLIGENT CHEMICAL DOSING PUMP To dose low and average concentrated pH solution. IDP is basic series which is an economical and easy analog (knob) operated model.

Dosing Capacity 0.2-27.5 LPH
Max. Operating Pressure 7 Bar
Max. Stoke per min. 400
Max. power consumption 30W

Zero leakage design
High strength and corrosion resistance material used
World-class next-generation CE & RoHS certified dosing pump
PTFE flexible diaphragm and Valve seat ensure long life under most demanding application
Wetted parts suitable for most aggressive chemicals
Wide operating voltage range (180-280V) auto voltage compensation to ensure dosing consistency
Epoxy coated microprocessor-based PCB 5 Times more reliable.
Pumps tested at pressure of 9 bars back pressure
Glass ball double ball NRV’s ensure long life
Low-level tripping & dry run protection facility in IDP+ series
Aux output RLY for further automation
Inbuilt auto rest fuse & air release valve (ARV)
LED display, intuitive and convenient to use

Cylindrical solenoid driven dosing pump.
The HC 150 series is the ideal solution for small dosing of chemical products.
Easy montage.
Norly body.
Analogical controls.
Including a two-color LED and a regulating knob.
Double regulation range %100-%20 by switch.
With or without level probe facility.
IP65 protection degree.

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