EMAUX TMG Series Gelcoat Filters for residential and commercial pools.


Emaux Gelcoat Filters are produced by skilled workers and experienced engineers in modern manufacturing facilities. Each product is subject to a 100% inspection at every production stage and a strict hydrostatic pressure test. In order to achieve their best performance, 20,000 cycle tests were conducted to determine the specifications of the filters.

TMG Filter is equipped with :
1. 6-way clamp/bolt style multiport valve (1.5”MPV07, 2”MPV08, 2”MPV02 for TMG750 &TMG900)
2. Universal standard of union connection
3. Pressure gauge
4. ABS lateral system

Tank Material
Gelcoat Fiberglass
Max Operating Pressure
36 psi / 2.5 bar
43°C (109°F)
Suggested Size of Media 0.5-0.8mm

1. Non corrosive gelcoat fiberglass tank with smooth finish
2. Can be produced in different colors for choice of appearance
3. SMG: Curved valve connecting elbow reduces head loss
4. SMG: Transparent lid provides clear view of filter media, and
an air release valve allows trapped air to be evacuated

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500, 650, 750, 900