Tablets of 200 g of slow dissolution. Special for disinfectionand maintenance of pool water.
DISINFECTANTS : Trichloride 200 g tablets with 50% free available chlorine.


The chlorine level of a pool should be maintained between 1.0 and 3.0 ppm (parts per million). Our premium quality chlorine tablets keeps pool water safe and clean by eliminating bacteria, prevents algae, and lasts longer under direct sunlight.

Each tab is stabilized to protect against harmful UV rays, thus improving the chlorine residual in your pool by guaranteeing a longer-lasting, slower dissolving release.

  • Since It dissolves slowly in water, It allows for measured dosing of chlorine.
  • Chlorine tablets are a safe, effective, and affordable way to sanitize your pool.
  • They’re designed to gradually dissolve, releasing chlorine into your water as they get smaller and smaller.
  • They’re a popular choice amongst pool owners because of how easy they are to use.

The trichlor chlorine tablets are made with a stabilizer (cyanuric acid), so the chlorine in the pool is resistant to UV radiation, reducing the production of harmful chloramines. Each tablet can be used in floating dispensers, automatic chlorine dispensers, and skimmer baskets.

Kills Bacteria & Stops Algae
Kills and prevents green, mustard and black pool algae
Prevents corrosion, scale and stains
Long-lasting sunlight protection

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