The easiest way to enjoy crystal clear water. No handling or complicated dosing systems are required.


Suspended particles in the water are often too small for the filter to collect. Because of this, a clarifier may be used to clump these particles together aiding the filter, and creating crystal clear water.

Eliminates excess residual chlorine that may remain in the pool water.

Clear your filter of sediment after a few days. Repeat the process until the cloudiness caused by minerals is gone.

Brush the pool walls to free any debris or algae. Broadcast aluminum sulfate across the pool surface. Set the time clock for the filter so that the system will run for two hours. This allows enough time for the alum to distribute.

Coagulation is the process in which the negatively charged suspended particles that are present in water in a stable suspension are destabilized. This is done by the addition of a positively charged coagulant which then neutralizes the negative charges present (i.e. destabilizes them). Once the particles have been destabilized or neutralized, the process of flocculation occurs in which the destabilized particles combine into larger and larger particles until they are heavy enough to settle out by sedimentation, or large enough to entrap air bubbles and be floated using dissolved air flotation.

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