Oxidation-reduction potential
Active chlorine electrons increase the ORP level of the water, thus neutralizing contaminants. For chlorinated pools and spas, a safe ORP reading is usually between 650 millivolts (mV) and 750 mV.


Oxidation-reduction potential (ORP) measures the ability of a lake or river to cleanse itself or break down waste products, such as contaminants and dead plants and animals. When the ORP value is high, there is lots of oxygen present in the water.

ORP is measured in millivolts (mV) using an ORP meter. A positive ORP reading indicates that a substance is an oxidizing agent. The higher the reading, the more oxidizing it is. As such, a substance with an ORP reading of +400 mV is 4 times more oxidizing than a substance with an ORP reading of +100 mV.

The ORP is the potential of a disinfectant to do its work of inactivating micro-organisms and oxidising organic materials. The higher the millivolt reading, the more powerfully the swimming pool water is able to oxidise and disinfect. Oxidisers cause the millivolt value to increase and therefore increase disinfection.

Measuring range: 0~± 1999mV
Resolution: 1mV
Accuracy: ± 5mV
Power: 4× 1.5V
Operating conditions: 0~60° C, RH<95%
(Without magnetic interference around the meter & conspicuous centrum)
Dimension: 176× 26× 26mm

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