For cleaning algae stains on gunite pools with hard-surface finish
Features die-cast aluminum back and handle for durability
Stainless steel bristles aid in removing tough algae stains
Straight body design.


Stainless steel algae brushes are made of reliable ABS and saltwater resistant AISI-316 stainless steel. Used for scrubbing out stubborn algae that grow on the walls and in the grout of concrete pools. Designed to be attached to a telescopic pole.

Stiff steel wire bristles are great for brushing on plaster / concrete pool walls and floors.
Used as corner brush to brush off hard-to-reach pool areas such as corner in pool, spa, fountain
household use such as to brush above-ground on the pool’s perimeter to clean up slip hazards, or even on pavement and walkways, or even to clean up greasy BBQ grills.

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