Fan Jet Nozzle – Full body spray- produces a wide range of water that simulates a waterfall.


Gushing Fan Jet Nozzle produces a wide range of water that simulates a waterfall.

Enjoy hydrotherapy fast spray shower using all physical properties of water to create a new experience. Powerful shower heads are designed to offer an excellent showering massage experience.

It can be installed in vertical or inclined position, generating two different ornamental effects. The ornamental effect doesn’t depend on the level of water.

They are entirely made of AISI 316 stainless steel, which provides high sturdiness and rusting resistance, and provides a stylish finish at the fountain.

The nozzle is made of quality brass material, corrosion-resistant and durable, long service lifespan, beautiful brass golden or silver color, and high-grade looking.
This is a small to large injector nozzle generates a lively full water pattern and offers oxygen enrichment. With injector effect, water and air are suctioned in, mixed intensively and accelerated into the air by the injector jet as an impressive soft flowing fountain.
Applicable in the courtyard, garden, kitchen garden and another small area of agricultural spray irrigation; lawn, green belts, gardens and another small area of gardening sprinkler; sprinkler irrigation and industry, and another small area of cool roofs.
The nozzle can be adjusted towards different directions. Fan-shaped fountain nozzle to form a fan-shaped water column, which is pretty attractive when illuminated by underwater colorful lights at night
This nozzle is a kind of porous scattering nozzle.It is also called a column nozzle, orchid or flower layered nozzle. Fountain nozzle sprays create beautiful visual effects for ponds and water gardens of all sizes.
Different sizes for your different occasional fountain decoration or demands. With beautiful shape and convenient installation, it can be adapted to a wide range of ponds and fountains.
Nozzle augments its spout effect by adding water volume from the pool. In this way, a very heavy, powerful effect is achieved with little alteration.
Easy to install, it only requires PVC tubing and a submersible water pump.

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