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Clarifies water by eliminating the colloidal particles that cause cloudiness in water. Long-lasting improvement of water transparency through permanent flocculation.


Group the colloidal particles in suspension facilitating their subsequent Filtration removal. This causes the pool water to have a more transparent and crystalline appearance.

Attracts and traps suspended particles in the water and then sinks them to the bottom of the pool so that these particles can be vacuumed to waste.

Pool clarifier contains polymers that act as coagulants on these tiny particles. When you add a clarifier to cloudy water, all those tiny particles clump together into bigger particles your filter can capture and keep from reentering the pool. Note: It’s usually perfectly safe to swim in a cloudy pool.

Flocculants are more extreme measure. Instead of aiding the filter, the collected matter generally falls to the BOTTOM of the pool wich needs to be vacuumed away (to waste). Flocculants are not recommended for inexperienced plant operators as the very fine dust left behind can be rather difficult to remove efficiently.

This clarifier is the most effective weekly treatment for preventing the formation of foam and cloudiness in pool water. It removes all traces of body oils and lotions, as well as excess metal precipitates.

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