Specially formulated to reduce the pH of the pool water. For optimum chlorine yield, the pH should be between 7.2-7.6
REGULATORS : Liquid pH reducer / Minus. Ideal for dosing with a pump.


Hydrochloric acid (pH= 1) is a very common substance that’s also known as muriatic acid. … When you place hydrochloric acid into the pool water, it can help to remove any stubborn algae from the floors and walls of your pool, which often allows you to effectively filter the algae out of your pool for good!

If ever the water in your pool becomes too basic or alkaline, you can use hydrochloric acid to lower the pH levels. … When you add this acidic solution to basic water, you’re effectively lowering the alkalinity of the water while increasing the acidity of the water.

Muriatic acid can create a hot spot of acid in the water that could potentially burn or irritate your skin. It is best to wait 30 minutes after adding it to your pool.

pH is the measure of how acid/alkaline the pool water is. If pH is too low, the water can be corrosive to pool equipment. If pH is too high, then the chlorine becomes much less effective for sanitization.

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