Emaux SS series commercial pump for semi-commercial, small size residential, and above-ground pools.


The SS pump is quiet running and energy-efficient.1.5-inch suction and discharge port with a transparent lid. It operates at a low decibel and energy consumption which requires minimal maintenance.
1. The SS Series pump offers an optional built-in timer that allows the user to quickly set up the pump’s running schedule on a user-friendly control pad.
2. Set up the ideal switch-on time and the run-time ranging from 2 hours a day to 24 hours.
3. Battery backup memory up to 72 hours.

Product Features:
1. 1.5 inch suction and discharge ports
2. Asynchronous, two-pole motor
3. Class insulation: 130(B)
4. IPX5 Waterproof standard
5. Built-in thermal protection
6. Overload protection
7. External heat sink
8. Available in 50Hz or 60Hz with 220V/110V
9. Specially designed unions compatible for both Imperial and Metric standards
10. 316 stainless steel shaft
11. 316 stainless steel mechanical seal
12. Low noise level, low energy and easy maintenance

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