Pool Water One Way Check Valve Back Flow Preventer.


The check valve is installed to prevent the water from returning. It resists 227 g of pressure.

This flap is ideal for water pipes because if objects such as leaves or hair get stuck in it, you can easily remove it from the circuit for cleaning, thanks to the union fittings at each end.

The valve body is made of transparent plastic.

The purpose of a check valve is to force water in a pipe to flow in one direction only, and also to prevent gravity draining of water in the filter, pump and pipes, when the pump shuts off. They are also used to keep raised spas, fountains or solar heaters full of water, when the pump shuts off, again to prevent gravity draining. Check valve (one-way valve) to prevent back flow in swimming pool / spa lines. The clear design lets you see if cleaning is needed, and the union couplings allow disassembly for cleaning.

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ø50 – 1.5inch, ø63 – 2inch