Pergolas Services Overview

There’s something so wonderfully romantic about pergolas—from the cozy private outdoor library you can build to a lavish poolside lounge area or even an open dining area that accommodates all your friends and family. And yet, with all the beauty and style and comfort that comes with extending your living space outdoors with pergolas, there also comes a level of complexity that you want to be sure is addressed so it is all done right the first time. Big Rock Landscaping knows how to marry the comforts of the indoors with the natural surroundings of your property to ensure optimal design and livability. We start with you—your personality, your lifestyle needs, and your aesthetic—and go from there. It’s always a shame to put so much time and effort into a luxury building project only to have it not reflect you or what you had envisioned all along. That’s why we make planning with our clients a priority and the first step so we can design and install according to your unique style and personality.

Our Pergolas Design And Install Services Features

There are a lot of details that go into planning out the addition of a pergola to your home—what style of pergola; the functionality of the space; materials used; plants and vegetation included—it can truly be a lot more than one might otherwise think. Big Rock can alleviate a lot of the decision fatigue that can result from the limitless options out there, as well as guide you through and to the best choices for you and your lifestyle.

  • There are versions upon versions of how to incorporate a pergola into your outdoor spaces, from free-standing to attached, latticed to gabled, one that’s on a smaller scale or a bit larger, and even cantilevered (two legs instead of the traditional four). Not to mention the countless uses! Shade and comfort; space-defining; or enhancing your outdoor spaces. And delving further into the fine details of fabric paneling or curtains (weatherproof for all seasons!); what kind of lighting; slatted slats, clear covers, thatched roof; what plants (if any) to have vining and trailing. And then to decide where to put it and what to include! Do you want a fire pit? How about poolside? Do you want the functionality to include a cooking area? Whatever you have in mind, Big Rock knows the limitless options there are to design and create a stunning, livable outdoor space that you can enjoy every season.
  • Big Rock knows that narrowing in on a design will help decide which materials will be used. When choosing materials for your pergola, the beauty of wood is certainly timeless and traditional. However, there are many other materials that can be used to create a wholly new and unique design, from fiberglass to vinyl to metal, each offers a more modern look. We know what works best for each specific design.
  • All along the design and planning process, it would be important to ensure proper licenses and permits for any building codes and to adhere to zoning laws. Working with professional landscapers like Big Rock will ease the anxiety of getting the approvals met and the licenses in order. Often someone who isn’t versed in legalese and the fine-print of adding even a smaller pergola to a property can get bogged down in the process, and not knowing how to navigate it all can stall the project for months or even years. We at Big Rock know how to alleviate the potential bog-down and know the zoning laws in and out, thanks to our decades of experience in the landscaping industry.

Benefits Of Big Rock Pergolas Services

Achieving that dream-designed outdoor nook can be overwhelming without the knowledge and experience professional landscapers cultivate throughout the years, and Big Rock knows the intricacies of pergola design and installation that will offer you everything you had imagined, and more.

  • We take care of the complexities of zoning and building codes to the well-thought-out and planned designs and functionality of what you want for your yard. We’ve done it all and will make the process of your dream property easy so you can focus on what matters most and enjoy your all-season living spaces.
  • Big Rock have been in the landscaping industry for over two decades and has serviced much of the intermountain west, making us specialists in this climate and what works or doesn’t. We know luxury design and know how to create unique-to-you spaces that will delight you and your guests for years to come.
  • If you want unique designs, flawless installation, and an overall finished pergola project that will be timeless for years to come, Big Rock Landscaping can offer that for you and ease the worry and burden of wondering if a project will be done right.