Calcium Chloride (Dry Granules) commonly known as Calcium Hardness Increaser, will raise calcium hardness levels in commercial and residential swimming pools and spas.


The sum of all the calcium dissolved in water is referred to as calcium hardness. Calcium is important since very high levels can be unstable and become even more unstable if the pH or the total alkalinity rises above the normal levels. Calcium content is best in the range of 100-400 ppm, but higher levels can be tolerated when properly managed.

Total hardness is the sum of the calcium and magnesium concentrations, both expressed as calcium carbonate, in milligrams per liter (mg/L). You can determine your water’s hardness based on these concentrations of calcium carbonate: below 75 mg/L – is generally considered soft. 76 to 150 mg/L – moderately hard.

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